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Texas Land Sale

We have finally found our dream property to build our dream home on! For years we have looked all over the Texas Hill Country for the perfect property to put our dream home on. We have gone to so many different land developments that were either too far away, too expensive, pushy sales people, or it just didn’t feel right.

We gave up for a while, when one day we came across Centennial Ridge in Bulverde, TX. From the beginning we were greeted with a smile and warm welcome from the front desk receptionist who introduced us to our sales associate Kenny Spears! Kenny was so friendly, professional, and never pushy. Kenny is an excellent listener, was attentive to exactly what we wanted and gave us tours of properties based on our interests.

We really appreciated Kenny’s patience, helpful suggestions, and all the hours he spent trying to help us figure out if what we wanted would work for those properties. We really liked one of the properties, but we were not able to make it back out to sign the paperwork, so Kenny arranged it so we could sign our paperwork on-line. The entire land buying process from start to finish was positive, professional, and everything just felt right!

Jon & Misty H.

Walking into Centennial Ridge for a land consultation, we did not think we would be walking out purchasing a lot, but we knew if the right opportunity came along, we would go for it! Todd Menger was our land consultant. He took the time to gather information from us, asked about our future plans and paired us with a few different lots that made sense for us. Boy, was he right! The whole experience has been nothing short of wonderful and it hasn't stopped. Anytime our builder has a question about the property, Todd has been there to help. It's a much better experience than we could have hoped for. We can't wait to build on home, and live in Centennial Ridge.

Johana B.

Texas Land Sale

I wanted to thank you for taking such great care of my clients the Woodards! Your professionalism and wealth of knowledge about the community was a great help to them in their decision to buy in Centennial Ridge. They are thrilled with their new homesite! I look forward to bringing future clients to visit with you about the community.

Christi K.

My husband and I were driving all around San Antonio trying to figure out where we wanted to build our forever home. My husband remembered some advertising about Centennial Ridge in Bulverde he had seen. And since we were near it, we decided to stop in for a visit and see what they had. As soon as we entered the building, we were greeted with smiling faces. This is where we met our amazing land realtor Todd. He gave some information about the site and then asked if we had time to look around and he would give us a tour of the properties. He drove us around the available sites talking about the pros and cons as they related to our wants and desires for property. When we found a few sites, we thought we would like he then proceeded to walked us around each of the properties so that we may compare each of them and really decided if each site was the one for us. We have never bought land before but with the help of Todd and all his years of experience we found a property that my husband and I fell in love with.

At this point Todd sent us to lunch and told us to think about our decision over and we would meet back up after lunch. Which I loved about Todd, I felt as he cared about us making the right decision for our family and not making a sale. He told us many times its about building relationships. During lunch we decided we loved the land so much we had to proceed. We went back and started the paperwork to purchase our land. Every person at Centennial Ridge made us feel so at home and comfortable along the way, which is very important to us. We looked forward to all the amazing memories we will build on in our new land and it is all because of Todd and the amazing people at Centennial Ridge. Our family thanks you for all your amazing help. Thank you, thank you!

Joshua & Alisha R.

Scott McGill was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the City of Bulverde, surrounding areas, the future neighborhood of Centennial Ridge, and all of the specifications to come. This was the first time that I have made a land purchase larger than 1 acre and Mr. McGill was very professional and patient while helping me choose the best plot of land that best suits the needs of my family. My husband was unable to make the trip to purchase the land and Mr. McGill spent time on the phone with my husband going over all important information and documentation. I am very grateful to have had someone with such knowledge and compassion during this stressful decision.

John & Tracy G.

We have completely enjoyed our land purchasing experience with Skip Crosby and his team. It took us 5 years to finally settle on the perfect piece of property. Skip has been extremely patient with us along the way and understood the importance of this milestone in our lives. We have personally visited several of the land openings Skip and/or one of his Colleagues have presented to us and could never make the commitment for one reason or another, mostly due to the inconvenience of each location. We finally purchased our forever property at Centennial Ridge in Bulverde TX. It truly offers everything we have been looking for all these years. Skip, we are eternally grateful to you and your team for making our lifelong dreams come true.

Rudy & Flor Z.

The purpose of this testimonial is to speak to the superb competency, professional knowledge, and kind courtesy of Mr. James Forehand, who we credit for helping us locate and purchase our lots at Centennial Ridge, Texas.

Our land purchase story has a military flavor. Originally from New York, Ginger and I both served and then retired from the United States Air Force, choosing to settle in San Antonio (got here as fast as we could) after more than 20 moves and multiple assignments. Our goal was simple – focus on family, raise our children. Mission completed. Our #1 (Audra) and #2 (Arianna) are both cadets at the United States Air Force Academy, Astronautical Engineering majors and aspiring pilots. What’s next? We always loved the Texas Hill Country, so we began looking around with the intent of settling further outside of town. After 2 years of searching, we had no success until we bumped into your representative, Mr. James Forehand and Centennial Ridge.

Our search for land was simple – location, confidence in the engineering development and purchase process, and cost that met our budget. Seeing your advertisement billboard, we made the call. James spoke with us and made us feel welcome to come out after a previous engagement. Despite the late hour, James met with us to understand our goals, explain the development process of Centennial Ridge and Southerland Communities, and offered to take us to lots that he thought might meet our goals. James was easy to work with – his customer focus, responsiveness, and knowledge helped make our decision along with our own research. As the customer, we appreciated James’ professional knowledge of land development. His responses to our questions were patient, informative, and prompt (took a note to get back with us on an answer). We have never bought a piece of land before, definitely outside of our wheelhouse, so lots of questions. James demonstrated that formula for success that made u7s feel informed. James is a great listener, and quickly identified our needs. We identified Lot #18 and had an agreement with James and Mr. Steve Brents in less than 24 hours. Progress! James was a steady force and mentor for us throughout the loan process purchase – more progress.

We define ourselves as super satisfied Centennial Ridge customers! As we look to the future, we continue to reach out to James for answers to our questions and the status of the properties development and James always responds – willing to find the answer for us! James continue to be a resource that we feel confident to check with and get the answers to our questions.

Our comfort with our land purchase has continued and having James in the background made us feel comfortable to purchase another property – Lot #19. With James’ guidance and assistance, again – we made progress. We are looking forward to the clearing process and breaking ground to start our new home at Centennial Ridge. We credit James immensely for his knowledge and guidance through the entire process. Mr. Brents was also a huge supporter. We are moving ahead with our family goals and credit James with a major part of it.

Rudy & Ginger B.